Photo by: Brittany Ting

Photo by: Brittany Ting


The name "Biobele" means "joy" in Kalabari, the language of my father's Nigerian tribe. In the six years since first picking up a point-and-shoot camera, I have found great joy in photography. Whether it is capturing a sunset, a bush of flowers, or posing a model in front of a sunset or a bush of flowers, I find that my best images have come out of spontaneity and risk-taking. As a result, my photography style is constantly evolving. In recent years, I've fallen in love with portrait photography, and experiment with self-portraits in my free time.

I believe that life is beautiful - in our shining moments, candid moments, and even in moments we would rather forget. And what better way to enjoy a special moment than to make it last forever?

I would love to help you celebrate life! Contact me to schedule a shoot or for other business inquiries.